Moonlit Sidewalk

Rebel. Charmer. Rude. Passionate.
People say I give off the wrong impression. Can't possibly see why, since I pride myself on being straight forward.


Rap Game Picasso

Riff Raff

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o c e a n    b l o g

Bolivia-2999 by Jacobo Zanella on Flickr.

Lowlands disposable camera Part II

Not much of this is going on right now.

"His influence did not stop with his breathing. It walks with us and will profoundly affect the way we look at things. From Jimmy I have already learned the value of a minute. He loved his minutes and I shall now love mine."

-Stewart Stern (in a letter to Marcus and Ortense Winslow, October 1955)

Ships Plowing Deep Waters (by Michael Cina)